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Fire on the mountain

All day I’ve been hearing helicopters thundering overhead, carrying buckets of water over to the mountain. Last night as I drove into town for dinner and the St. Patrick’s day celebration, in the distance we saw huge flames coming from the Rhodes Memorial area of Table Mountain— our side of the mountain. Throughout the night I received numerous SMSes about the huge fire that spread on the entire mountain. Driving through town on the way home, there was low smoke everywhere. The mountain looked like a molten-covered volcano. Here are some pictures and a link to a news article. Fortunately the fire is mostly under control and only a small number of people were injured. Huge fires like this do happen from time to time, but I’ve been told that a fire this large is rare. I’ve heard stories about past fires and families having to pack their cars and evacuate. Fortunately  the fire did not come close enough to my neighborhood of Mowbray, although houses closer to the mountain did have to leave.

The fire on Table Mountain last night, from,,galleries-1-7438,00.html

The fire on Table Mountain last night, from,,galleries-1-7438,00.html

More pictures can be found here.

News article about the fire.

Completely unrelated to the fire, but highly relevant to South Africa, a country with one of the world’s highest rates of HIV. The Pope is touring Africa and issued a statement saying that distributing condoms “increases the problem” of HIV. (Source:


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